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   New Custom Home Design & Building Services

JP MALONE CONSTRUCTION INC. began offering custom home design services through our building efforts in 1990.  We have been recognized with Awards in both our Custom Home Design and Custom Home Building practices.  The seamless movement of Design through to Building allows the Home Owner to work with one entity.  The process is coordinated through a Critical Path Schedule breaking it down into 4 categories.

1.  Site Selection
2.  Preliminary floor plan design
3.  Preliminary Elevation
4.  Preliminary Budget for project 

Once these items have been established a more thorough detailing of the project is done further clarifying the overall project into 7 categories.

1.  Selection Process
     a.  Appliances
     b.  Cabinet Design
     c.  Electrical
     d.  Tile Design
     e.  Floor Covering Details
2.  Completion of Working Drawings
3.  Engineering, Structural / Civil
4.  Final Budget review based on final drawings
5.  Home Owners Association Design Review
6.  Bank Appraisal package
7.  Final City submittal for permitting

The start of Construction proceeds from this point with a similar process.  Through our years of Design/Build Services we have found that by breaking apart the overall process of Designing and Building a Custom home, the Home Owners are able to absorb the information at their own pace. Home Owners are part of the Design team, as who knows best how they want to live.  The selection of ALL building materials for the home prior to construction allows the Home Owner to enjoy the building process.  This also allows the Homeowners to make numerous changes on PAPER, not out in the field during the completion of their home.  Saving our Home Owners thousands of dollars. This may seem too good to be true, yet our clients tell a similar story.


With a complete Custom Home Renovations division we are able to design and implement the current owners lifestyles to an existing home. 


JP Malone Construction Inc. started offering its own custom millwork services in 2000. The very first project was recognized with a SubZero/Wolf Kitchen Design Award and the accolades have continued. 
See examples of our custom millwork services.

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